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Nu Radiance Pit & Fissure Sealant, Light-Cured

Nu Radiance Pit & Fissure seals pits and fissures on occlusal surfaces providing effective protection against carries during the cavity prone years. This easy to use systems, delivers a low viscosity, white opaque color, light-cured resin.

 Pit and Fissure Starter Kit web

Pit & Fissure Starter Kit:

4 - 1g Syringes of Light-Cured Opaque Sealant, 1 - 3ml Bottle of Liquid Enamel Conditioner, 40 - 22ga. Pre-bent Applicator Tips, 40 Brush Heads, 1 Brush Handle and Instructions.

Item # 1803




Pit and Fissure Bulk Pack webPit & Fissure Bulk Refill:

12 - 1g Syringes of Light-Cured Opaque Sealant and Instructions.

Item # 1810







Liquid Enamel Conditioner Bulk Refill:

4 - 3ml Bottles of Liquid Enamel Conditioner (33% Phosphoric Acid).

Item # 1827


prebent-tips22ga. Pre-bent Black Applicator Tips:

100 - 22ga. Pre-bent black Applicator Tips for Sealant, Etchant and Cement.

Item # 1834


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